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The Natural Sign in Music: A Comprehensive Guide

The natural sign in music is a little different to the other signs you may have heard of, most specifically the double sharp, double flat, sharp or flat signs. The sharp sign will raise a note by a half step and the flat sign will lower a note by a half step. Double sharps raise … Read more

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The 11 Most Famous Flute Pieces Ever Written!

The flute is an amazing instrument capable of being fast and flashy as well as slow and beautiful. The flute is often a solo instrument in orchestral works over other woodwind instruments and the solo flute repertoire is no different, perhaps it is all those high notes we are capable of playing! The flutes tone … Read more

Tenor Clef Uncovered: A Beginner’s Music Theory Guide

The tenor clef is a slightly less common clef. This clef is most commonly used for the upper registers of instruments that ordinarily use bass clef. If you would like to learn how to read alto clef notes then read this blog post carefully as we will teach you how to read the tenor clef … Read more