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The Renaissance Flute: A Guide

The renaissance flute predated the baroque flute. The renaissance flute was a transverse flute used in Europe between 1500 until the advent of the baroque flute in 1670. About the instrument Information about the renaissance flute is relatively sparse. However, by observing historical construction principles, we know that the original instruments had a cylindrical bore, … Read more

flute choir

What is a Flute Choir?

There are several different types of flute ensemble, including the flute duet, flute trio and flute quartet! Perhaps one of the most exciting forms of flute ensemble is the flute choir! Flute choir A flute choir is essentially a large group of flutists all playing together! A bit like a flute orchestra. They usually consist … Read more

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Best Beginner Flute Books

There are many different beginner flute books out there and each of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Finding the perfect beginner flute book is vital if you are to ensure music making is fun. All students that you teach will have a different set of requirements and so deciding which beginner’s book to use … Read more