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How Much Should You Charge For Music Lessons?🎶🎶

Charging for private music lessons as a music teacher can be a complicated decision: how much am I worth, What is the going rate in my area and will I get enough students at this price are all important factors. In this post I will look at all the things you should consider when setting … Read more

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Types of Flutes: From Classical To Modern

The flute family is an interesting one as there are actually many different types of flutes, some of which you may not have heard of before. The word flute can actually refer to many different instruments and not just the modern flutes that we know about today. There are actually many different flute types that … Read more


Achieving Perfect Flute Intonation: Expert Tips

Intonation is an integral part of your flute tone. If a flutist has an unfocused sound with bad tone quality they will generally be out of tune. On the flip side, a flute player with a focused tone quality will most likely be secure in pitch control as well. This is why before trying to … Read more

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20 Best Unaccompanied Flute Solos

When performing a solo flute recital you do not have to play a programme full of pieces accompanied by the piano or harp! Although there are many good pieces for flute and piano, introducing a solo flute piece can be an excellent way to vary your programme for the audience.  There is some incredible solo … Read more

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Flute Vs Recorder: A Guide to the Differences

Understanding the flute vs recorder is an interesting topic as from the outside these two instruments actually seem quite different. The word ‘flute’ is used to describe a variety of different instruments, but essentially it refers to an instrument in the woodwind family that produces a sound by blowing air over a small opening. Nowadays … Read more