How Long Should Your Students Practice Their Instrument?

In order to be a successful teacher you need students who can demonstrate a balance of enjoyment and progress. One great way of telling if your students are enjoying their music lessons is by how much practice they do! However, we can’t simply just rely on our students to know how many practice sessions to … Read more

How to commmunicate with parents as a music teacher, featured image

How To Communicate With Parents As A Music Teacher

As a music teacher it is absolutely vital that you position yourself as the professional with parents from the outset. If you do not set this relationship up properly from the beginning you are potentially setting yourself up for a much more stressful time. Obviously, this is not the case for all parents but you … Read more

how much should I work as a music teacher, featured image

How Much Should You Work As A Music Teacher? 

When it comes to working as a self-employed music teacher there are many things that you need to consider. One important factor is how much do you actually want to work. We all know that the more hours you work, the more money you will take home, but there has to be a cap so … Read more

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How Much Should You Charge For Music Lessons?🎶🎶

Charging for private music lessons as a music teacher can be a complicated decision: how much am I worth, What is the going rate in my area and will I get enough students at this price are all important factors. In this post I will look at all the things you should consider when setting … Read more

How to Teach Rhythm To Beginner Music Students

Having good rhythm is vital for all musicians but unfortunately it is not often taught as well as it could be. It’s tough for teachers to know where to start with how to teach rhythm. Rhythm is vital if you want to play any piece of music and it gets progressively harder as the pieces … Read more