Grade 5 Theory Past Papers- Online Exam Format

By Jade Bultitude
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The new online music theory exams are here and so it is important to use Grade 5 Theory Past Papers to Practise your skills. As a musician and teacher I know this resources are really valuable and can hope students to check if they are exam ready.

To download our free grade 5 practice paper make sure to click below!

Grade 5 Theory Past Papers

The New Online Theory Exam

The ABRSM have now altered how they approach the theory exam. Due to the pandemic, everything went online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Teachers began teaching their students online but obviously this now meant the exams also had to go online. With a lot of redesign of the ABRSM syllabus the grade 5 is now able to be taken online.

The new online theory exam means that we now need to prepare for the exam in a slightly different way. There will now be less focus on writing out music and a lot more on being able to choose a correct answer using multiple choice options.

We have a complete guide to Grade 5 Music Theory and the new syllabus.

What do I need to know for this new online exam?

The knowledge needed to pass the ABRSM grade 5 theory is no different to what you needed when taking the written paper. For more information on this, do check out the ABRSM website where they will detail what this means for their customers.

How can I prepare for the new online exam?

In order to prepare effectively for this exam it is important to not only learn the content effectively by using an appropriate method such as our music theory foundations grade 5 guide. But it is also vital to take lots of past practice papers to ensure you understand the new style of questions you will be faced with in the exams. ABRSM provides many music theory sample papers on their website and these can also be purchased around the uk and online.

The more you practice the easier you will find it to achieve top marks in the online music theory abrsm grade 5! We also have plenty of resources to help you including a free time signature quiz and Grade 5 performance directions quiz. We have lots more music theory resources to help you ace your exam!

We wish you the best of luck with your grade 5 music theory and any other music theory grades you take! Remember, here at Music theory foundations we are always here to help.

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