Music development for young children

It has been a hot minute since I posted on my blog! In the time since I have been off we have been so incredibly busy. It seems that as soon as lock down was over everything exploded! I went back to working at my schools and encouraging students to build on their musical abilities, … Read more

4 easy steps to relate to non-musical parents!

One thing I have come across quite regularly in my teaching is talking to and dealing with parents who are ‘non-musical’ as in they do not play a musical instrument and never have! If you have a parent that does not already have a bit of an understanding of music then it is important that … Read more

The top 21 Online Music Games for Teaching

Teaching beginner music theory and musicianship to your students whilst online is quite tricky! If you are like me, during live lessons I love to play games with my beginner pupils to keep the learning of the technical aspects of music theory fun! I have now begun to compile a list of online music games! My … Read more

Did you have a Merry Musical Christmas?

Merry Christmas everyone! Wow… what a year we have had! Christmas has definitely not been what everyone was expecting but I do hope you all managed to make the most of it. I am extremely grateful that I managed to fly from Dubai to London just before everything went into Tier 4, my two twin … Read more