Music Theory Worksheets: 100+ Free Printable Activities

Below you will find a selection of free music theory worksheets. These sheets will test your knowledge of many different aspects of music. This includes, the circle of fifths, major and minor scales, how to read and write music and how to recognise your notes and rests.

Circle of Fifths

You will find a sheet to help you understand the circle of fifths in every which way! Whether that be for your share scales, flat scales, major scales or minor scales! You will also be able to practice your understanding of the four different clefs, treble, bass, alto and tenor!

Treble Clef

Bass Clef

Alto Clef

Tenor Clef

circle of fifths, music theory, free worksheet


You will find a sheet for every single scale here! This includes, sharp majors, flat majors, natural minors, melodic minors and harmonic minors!

free worksheet, scales, learn your scales

Drawing Notes

Ever wondered how to read music or how to draw your notes? Then look no further! Here we have a sheet for every single note in both the treble and bass clef!

learn your notes, how to write music, drawing notes, music theory

Know your Notes and Rests

These sheets will test your knowledge of Notes and Rests! There are four different levels moving up in difficulty.

know your notes and rests, learn your notes, learn your rests, music theory

Let us know if there are any more free music theory worksheets that you would like to see on the website! We hope these have been really useful to you and if you are a teacher, your students!