Learn your Major Scales Worksheets

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Why should you learn your major scales?

It is extremely important to learn your major scales. Not only for your music theory knowledge but also for your practical playing!

Use these free worksheets to help learn and improve your knowledge of the major scales. Every piece you will ever play is in ‘a key’ and it is an important skill to learn to recognise which key you are in.

By taking time to understand each key signature you will find that you can more readily play your pieces and will also improve your sight reading. You will begin to recognise the key signatures and patterns throughout your music. This will make all aspects of your musical education and development easier!

After you have completed these major scale worksheets, make sure you also check out our free minor scales sheets!

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c major scale

major scales – Sharp keys

These sheets will help you to understand the major scales that use sharp key signatures

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Major scales – Flat Keys

These sheets will help you to understand the major scales that use flat key signatures

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