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Reading Music Notes: A Beginner’s Guide

One of the first thing you should learn when you look at music theory are the music note names, time values and the different symbols used to represent these. Musical notation is the visual representation of music and allows composers to share their music so other people can perform it. Musical notation represents a few … Read more

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Ledger Lines – A Guide To How They Work

In order to play a piece of sheet music you must be able to read the notes on a staff (stave). The staff consists of five lines and four spaces stacked on top of each other. On these lines and spaces we can then write notes. Depending on which clef is placed at the beginning … Read more

what is an octave in music?

What Are Octaves In Music? A Beginner’s Guide

You may have heard the term octaves in music lessons and wondered exactly what is means. In this post we will explore what an octave is, how to play it, where you can hear it featured in music and how to use it in music theory. Definition of an Octave To really understand what an … Read more