what is the roman numeral chord naming system, featured image

What Is The Roman Numeral Chords Labelling System?

Roman numeral chords are what we use in typical music analysis. Using Roman Numerals provides a great way to label chords in a piece of music as they include a lot of information about the chord, its quality, its inversion and more. Let’s explore this incredibly useful labelling system. Roman Numerals Roman numerals are simply … Read more

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The Top 5 Most Popular Chord Progressions

Chord progressions are the basis of almost all music and are what can turn a dull melody into something great! Western music, including classical, pop, rock, jazz, blues etc would not exist without chord progressions. In this post we are going to dive straight into the most popular chord progressions. If you want some background … Read more

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Suspended Chords: How Do They Work?

Music is most often made up of chords. Chords can form chord progressions which help to build the harmony of a piece. Our most common chords are major chords and minor chords but harmony is made up of many more chords and one such chord is the suspended chord! We’re going to dive straight into … Read more

Altered Chords, Featured Image

Altered Chords – A Beginner’s Guide

Music is mostly made up of chords. Chords are the most basic aspect of harmony and one of the most fundamental parts of music in general! To find out more about what harmony is, make sure to click here. There are many different types of chord such as the major chord, minor chord, seventh and … Read more

Cadences – A Guide To The Four Main Types

A cadence is a chord progression consisting of two different chords and it is used at the end of a phrase. There are four common cadences you should know about in music theory. There are two other labels, related to the perfect cadence, that we will also discuss in this blog post. These are the … Read more