Cadences – A Guide To The Four Main Types

A cadence is a chord progression consisting of two different chords and it is used at the end of a phrase. There are four common cadences you should know about in music theory. There are two other labels, related to the perfect cadence, that we will also discuss in this blog post. These are the … Read more

Understanding Seventh Chords In Music

In this post we are going to explore seventh chords and their use in music. There are many different types of seventh chords and this can make things confusing. Luckily for you, we have your back and can help to bring some order to the chaos! What is a seventh chord? A brief definition: A … Read more

The Music Theory of Chords: A Complete Guide

Chords and chord building are a vital part of music theory and are the foundation of all music. In fact, it is impossible to write a piece of music without them! In this post we will explore what chords are in music and music theory, how to write them and build them, how to invert … Read more

Cadential 6/4 – How Do You Use It?

The cadential 6/4 is a melodic and harmonic formula that appears at the end of phrases in music of the common practice period. The common practice period is the period of western classical music that used the tonal system. The cadential 6/4 is a decoration of the dominant chord of the key the piece is … Read more