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Circle of fifths Seventh Chords

Seventh chords are littered throughout lots of our music, whether as an extra embellishment or as a strict part of a chord progression. Learning what seventh chords are and how you can create circle of fifths seventh chords. Read a quick recap of seventh chords here, otherwise let’s get into how to build chords with … Read more

Circle of Fifths Cheat Sheet

The circle of fifths is an incredible tool for performing musicians and composers alike! It is a key aspect of music theory. In this post we will look at what the circle of fifths is, what it shows us, how to read it, how to use it and also provide you with a free circle … Read more

The Circle of Fifths Complete Guide!

Welcome to the circle of fifths complete guide! The circle of fifths is a concise diagram that gives you all the information you need to understand and play any piece of music. You will easily be able to work out key signatures, chords and scales in a very easy to digest way.  After learning how … Read more

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What is the point of the Circle of Fifths?

We’ve all heard of it, perhaps your teachers have mentioned it a few times. But what is the point of the circle of fifths? The circle of fifths actually has many benefits. Usually the circle of fifths is drawn as a circle – no prizes for guessing why! However, it is actually just a pattern … Read more