Grade 5 Music Theory Worksheets

We know that ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory can be tough for many music students. As a music teacher with over 14 years experience I have help hundreds of students with this important exam. There’s a lot to learn and practice is the key if you want that all important pass, merit or distinction. To … Read more

Grade 5 Music Theory Performance Directions

The ABRSM Grade 5 exam requires pupils to learn a lot of performance directions. The Grade 5 Music Theory performance directions list is super long because it adds together all the terms from Grade 1-4 and then new Italian and German musical terms specific to Grade 5. Whenever I am teaching my own students I … Read more

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Grade 5 Music Theory Time Signatures

To earn top marks in your ABRSM exam you need to have a good understanding of Grade 5 Music Theory Time Signatures. Irregular time signatures are the only ones that are specific to Grade 5, however you still need understanding all the time signatures from grade 1-4. These include all common simple and compound time … Read more

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Grade 5 Music Theory Keys and Scales you need to know

There are a lot of Grade 5 Music Theory Keys and Scales to learn and they form a whole section of this ABRSM exam. It is essential that any student wanting the top marks has a great understanding of these ideas. With over 14 years experience teaching music theory, I understand that students need to … Read more

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The Best grade 5 music theory books

ABRSM Grade 5 music theory is one of the most popular music theory courses for students to take. Music theory is a vital skill for developing musicians as it improves your music literacy skills (being able to read music notation and performance directions etc) as well as your music listening skills and much more. Being … Read more