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What Is Programme Music? A Complete Guide

In classical music, programme music refers to a piece of music that has an extra musical narrative. In other words, music that tells a story. This is in direct contrast to abstract or absolute music which is music written for its own sake. All programme music is based on a specific narrative to evoke extra … Read more

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Arabesque In Music – The Complete Guide

An arabesque in music is a highly decorated and ornamented piece of music. However, the actual term arabesque refers to music in an arabic style. The term arabesque originated in the 17th century and is borrowed from the Italian word arabesco which literally translates as ‘arabic style’. In the 19th century we saw a rise … Read more

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Perfect 5th intervals: A Music Theory and Ear Training Guide

As a fundamental building block of music theory, perfect 5th intervals play a significant role in shaping melodies, harmonies, and musical progressions. Whether you’re a budding musician, a music student, or simply curious about the inner workings of music, understanding perfect 4th intervals is essential for expanding your musical vocabulary. In this article, we’ll explore … Read more

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Sonata Form in Music: A Basic Guide to Sonata Form

The sonata form is an extremely important feature of western classical music theory and you will often see it in musical analysis. Not only does it form things such as piano sonatas, the trio sonata but it also can form an entire movement within symphonies, concertos, string quartets and more. If you have ever played … Read more

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Exploring the Renaissance Music Period: A Beginner’s Guide

The Renaissance music period is one of the classical music periods from western history that spans from 1400 to the beginning of the sixteenth century. The Renaissance period was preceded by the medieval era and followed by the baroque era. What does the word Renaissance mean? The term ‘renaissance’ is a French term that literally … Read more