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Time Signature 3/8 Explained

The time signature 3/8 is a well known meter in classical music, but is also used in popular music too. 3/8 contains measures (or bars) that have 3 eighth-note (quaver) beats. Music in 3/8 time often has a lively, upbeat feel. It is used in dance music (such as waltzes and polkas), as well as … Read more

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Time Signature 6/8 Explained

6/8 time is a common meter in popular and classical music. Each measure (or bar) has 6 eighth-note beats and these are grouped into two strong beats (more on this later). 6/8 has a pendulum feel to it and in this article we will see how this compares to other, similar time signatures.  We’re going … Read more

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Time Signature 3/4 Explained

Time Signature 3/4 is one of the most popular meters in western music. Each measure (or bar) has 3 quarter notes beats in it. The waltz is a classic piece of music in 3/4 and listening to it gives you the ‘swing’ feel of this meter. We’re going to dive straight into 3/4 time, but … Read more

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Time Signature 4/4 Explained

The most popular meter (or time signature) in modern music is 4/4. Each measure (or bar) of 4/4 has 4 quarter note beats in it. This time signature is so widely used the we sometimes call it common time. We’re going to dive straight into 4/4 time, but you can find more info on what … Read more

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Time Signatures and Meters Explained: A Complete Guide

Time signatures set out the rhythmic pattern that a piece of music is played within. Whether it’s a waltz in 3/4, a sonata in 4/4, or Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ in 7/4, everyone can hear these differences. However, it’s one thing to tap along to your favourite tune, and another to understand how time signatures actually … Read more