Are online music lessons successful?

By Jade Bultitude
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In light of what is happening around the world and this Covid-19 pandemic, how are you all going forward with your music lessons? The question on everyone’s lips is, do online music lessons work?

Along with the many school closures around the world this also comes with many music lessons being put on hold, but what is the alternative? Should we stop having lessons or is there something different we can do? 

Online music lessons are rapidly becoming the norm for many students around the globe but what are the pros and cons of this? 

there are many benefits to having online music lessons!

  • You can have lessons with a teacher anywhere around the world! You are now not limited to the teachers that live near you! It also means that if you travel, you can take their teacher with them wherever they go! 
  • Lessons can be had in the comfort of your own home reducing the time you need to set up your instrument and unpack your bag.
  • You can never forget you resources and books!
  • You can see the lesson length on the screen meaning that the time is much more focused.
  • Family members can also watch the lesson with ease which is extremely useful if the student needs help practicing. You can also record the lesson and play it back later!
  • It is relatively easy to model fingerings and other techniques by being close to the camera. 
  • You can easily discuss the concepts you are learning.
  • You can practice straight after the lesson! If you do this it is extremely beneficial to solidify the new concepts you have learnt in the lesson.
  • Students are often less stressed before the start of the lesson as they haven’t had to deal with leaving the house, traffic and other problems of the commute! There is also the reduced travel and parking costs often needed for lessons outside of the home.
  • Germs cannot be passed from teacher to student or vice versa. Particularly relevant during current times! 

There are a few cons

  • The acoustic is obviously better in a live lesson. However, you can counteract this by having the occasional live lesson to balance the online learning. Or buy a better microphone!
  • Sometimes the internet connection could be an issue and technical issues can arise. However, normally this is rare if both student and teacher have a decent understanding of computers. 
  • It can be difficult to model Certain things as you are restricted by the camera angle. However, we can make videos and other resources to counteract this.  
  • It is difficult to play duets and ensembles due to the syncing of the two voices. You can get around this by sending the student a recording of your part and I have done this before for an ensemble but it was not live! 
  • It can also difficult to play with accompaniment which is important particularly if the student is doing exams or recitals. However, I have actually used some very good quality recordings to counteract this!
  • We cannot easily annotate the music. However, the student should be able to do this themselves with direction from the teacher. There is also the ability to screen share if you are particularly techy!  

However, overall online lessons are an excellent option. Particularly if you would like to continue learning when you cannot leave the house. During a situation like we are seeing this year, this is perhaps the best way for both students to continue to learn and teachers to continue making a living!

If you are interested in having some online lessons with myself please contact me here!

Let me know how you are getting on with your online lessons!

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Jade is a flute player and music educator with a passion for educating the next generation of musicians. She is a Masters Graduate from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Jade has been helping people learn music theory for more than 10 years from pre school children all the way to degree level studies.