Interactive Circle of Fifths

Check out this interactive circle of fifths resource! This resource is so useful not only if you are a teacher but also if you are a student!

Learning your circle of fifths is vital for all aspects of your music education, practical and theoretical! This will help you to further understand your scales and key signatures! If you are taking the ABRSM Music Theory Exams (or any theory exam for that matter!) this interactive circle of fifths will improve your understanding very quickly!

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You can display major or minor keys only, or just see sharp or flat key signatures. The interactive resource also includes all four main clefs, the treble clef, the bass clef, the alto clef and the tenor clef! Move the three sliders and press ‘go’ to view your desired key signatures and clefs.

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Let us know how you have used this resource to help you. Perhaps it has got you through your music theory lessons or you now feel more confident playing scales or maybe your sight reading has improved?! We would love to know!

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