How to work out Compound Intervals!

The final stop on our intervals journey… what if my interval is larger than an octave? How to work out a compound interval! So far we have learnt how to work out the distance between two notes, whether the interval is major, minor or perfect. Then we introduced the idea of diminished/augmented and in the … Read more

What to do if you don’t know the scale of the bottom note!

Before reading on, please make sure you have visited the other interval blog posts and watched the relevant YouTube videos! In today’s blog we will be looking at what to do if you have a bottom note with a scale you don’t know? Before starting let’s look at a few examples of intervals to refresh … Read more

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How to work out diminished and augmented intervals!

Before reading through this blog post, make sure you are happy working out the intervals number (distance between the two notes) and working out whether it is a major, minor or perfect interval! Today we will be taking this idea a little further by talking about diminished and augmented intervals! If you remember, in order to … Read more

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Major, Minor and Perfect Intervals – how do they work?

In the last blog post we looked at working out the number (distance between the notes) for our intervals. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to read the previous blog post on intervals first as this post will take the idea a little further! We will be looking at how to work out your … Read more