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Time Signature 4/4 Explained

The most popular meter (or time signature) in modern music is 4/4. Each measure (or bar) of 4/4 has 4 quarter note beats in it. This time signature is so widely used the we sometimes call it common time. We’re going to dive straight into 4/4 time, but you can find more info on what … Read more

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Time Signatures and Meters Explained: A Complete Guide

Time signatures set out the rhythmic pattern that a piece of music is played within. Whether it’s a waltz in 3/4, a sonata in 4/4, or Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ in 7/4, everyone can hear these differences. However, it’s one thing to tap along to your favourite tune, and another to understand how time signatures actually … Read more

What is an Irregular Time Signature?

We’ve looked at what a time signature is, visited simple time signatures and also compound time signatures! Now it’s time to explore the final type of time signature, the irregular time signature! Irregular time signatures are actually very common so let’s discuss what they actually are!  An irregular time signature is actually pretty hard to … Read more

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What is the Difference between Simple and Compound time?

If you haven’t done so already it is important to read through the time signature blog post and watch the video before reading this post. In this blog post we will be discussing, in detail, what simple and compound time are. However, in order for you to understand this topic fully, it is important for … Read more

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What is a Time Signature?

We’ve all seen those numbers written at the start of our music, but what exactly do they mean? These two numbers are called the time signature! But what is the time signature? Why include a time signature? As you know, our music is built with different note lengths and rhythms. However, it is important that … Read more