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The A Harmonic Minor Scale: A Music Theory Guide

The A Harmonic Minor scale is a diatonic scale starting and ending on A natural. Harmonic Minor scales were created mainly to help with chords, but they do appear in melodies too. The scale appears in a wide variety of music, from Mozart to Katy Perry, to neo-classical metal.  The notes of the A Harmonic … Read more

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Grade 5 Music Theory Quiz

Try our ABRSM Grade 5 music theory quiz to test your knowledge and skills. There are 10 questions that cover the different topics in the syllabus. Each question gives you feedback once you have selected your answer. At the end you’ll get a percentage score. As a rough guide: Need more practice with grade 5 … Read more

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Circle of fifths Seventh Chords

Seventh chords are littered throughout lots of our music, whether as an extra embellishment or as a strict part of a chord progression. Learning what seventh chords are and how you can create circle of fifths seventh chords. Read a quick recap of seventh chords here, otherwise let’s get into how to build chords with … Read more

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The Circle of Fifths Vivaldi: How Did He Use It?

The circle of fifths is one of the most important diagrams within classical music. Not only can it help you learn your scales and their relationships to each other, but it is also invaluable when it comes to chord progressions, harmonic sequences and melodic sequences. In fact, we often refer to the chord progression that … Read more

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Time Signature 5/4 Explained

The time signature 5/4 is an unusual, but popular meter in classical music and it has been used many times in popular music too. 5/4 contains measures (or bars) that have 5 quarter-note beats. Music in 5/4 time has an irregular count and can be thought of as a ‘2 then 3 count’ or a … Read more