chord labelling system

Chord Labelling: A Complete Guide

Whether you’re a compose or not, understanding chords is an essential part of being a musician. Our guide to chord labelling gives you a look at the three main types of labelling- Roman numerals, Letters and Figured Bass. Roman Numeral Chord Labelling Our first chord labelling system is using Roman numerals. Roman numerals are simply … Read more

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Diminished Chords: A Music Theory Guide

Diminished chords have captivated musicians for centuries. Their dissonant nature adds tension, making them a useful tool for any musician. But how do these chords work? And how can you incorporate them into your own music? Understanding Diminished Chords At their core, diminished chords are triads built on stacked minor thirds. Thisstructure creates a dissonance … Read more

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A Sharp Diminished Triad: A Music Theory Guide 🎸🎶🎹

In this article, you’ll learn how to construct the A sharp diminished triad as well as how to play it on piano and guitar. We’ve also included sections on inversions for those that want a deeper understanding. Lastly, listen to some examples of popular songs that featured this triad. Root, Flat 3rd and Flat 5th … Read more