Achieving Perfect Flute Intonation: Expert Tips

Intonation is an integral part of your flute tone. If a flutist has an unfocused sound with bad tone quality they will generally be out of tune. On the flip side, a flute player with a focused tone quality will most likely be secure in pitch control as well. This is why before trying to … Read more

6 ways to stop you having a bad tone day!

We’ve all been there, we’ve had a stunning practice session the day before where our sound just seems perfect! And then we get up the next day to practice and our sound is to put it frankly.. awful! You feel as if you have lost control of your lips, support and just about everything. But … Read more

Effortless breathing for flute players: The Complete Guide

Being able to breathe freely and easily is the foundations of all flute playing, but can be quite a confusing subject to understand. We all know that breathing for flute players is vital for creating a sound on the flute but sometimes the technical descriptions and awkward references to the diaphragm can leave us feeling … Read more

Top Tips to help you learn how to warm up the flute!

Learning how to warm up the flute is a vital aspect of any flute players practice routine! It should be incorporated whether you have 60 minutes to practice or 15 minutes to practice. A warm up routine can include long tones, scales, technical exercises, articulation exercises, breathing exercises or even simple tunes you enjoy. Even … Read more