Performance Directions Quiz Grade 4 – ABRSM

Take this Performance Directions quiz to test your knowledge of your ABRSM Grade 4 words! 

Remember for the ABRSM Theory exam you will need to learn a selection of Italian Terms. These terms are used to describe the tempo (speed), style and mood and Dynamics (how loud or soft the music should be). This quiz will also include the different musical signs that you are required to know. Including, the accent sign, staccato sign, repeat sign and the pause sign to mention a few! 

This is a 15 mark quiz. It includes a selection of 10 random performance directions from the Grade 4 syllabus, followed by 5 questions from the previous grades! 

Every time you do this quiz the questions will be different! So be sure to use this quiz regularly to ensure you have a good grasp of all of your performance directions.

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Remember, learning your words will not only help you with your music theory knowledge. It will also help to improve your playing, in particular sight reading! Performance directions tell us how to play the piece so that we are able to interpret our pieces effectively! Just playing the notes on the page is not enough if you are to achieve a convincing performance of your pieces! 

Let us know how you get on with this Grade 4 performance directions quiz in the comments below! See if you can aim for the full 10 marks before moving onto the Grade 5 Performance Directions quiz!