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How To Transpose Up An Octave: A Music Theory Guide

Transposition is essential skill for any aspiring musician. At their heart of it, transposition allows you to alter music so that it can be played on different instruments or in different ranges of pitch. So let’s take a dive into how to transpose up an octave, both for music theory students and for musicians seeking … Read more

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How to transpose in the tenor clef, an overview!

As before, make sure you check out the previous blog posts to this! This post will be discussing how to transpose in the tenor clef. Part 1 and Part 2 can be found here.  We have so far covered three different clefs, including treble, bass and alto clef. However, there is one more to look at! … Read more

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Transposing into the Alto Clef: A Guide

If you haven’t yet had a read, take yourself over to the blog article, Transposition Basics Part 1. In last weeks post we explored why we need to transpose and where it is best to start. Transposition is one of those topics that sends fear into many of my theory students and in this short blog … Read more

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How To Transpose Music: An Easy Method!

Being able to transpose music is a requirement for all levels of the ABRSM Theory exams. Completing your ABRSM Grade 5 theory is necessary for any musician to complete their ABRSM Grade 6 practical exam and above. However, this Is not the only reason you should learn to transpose… Why Learn To transpose Music? You … Read more

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What is the point of the Circle of Fifths?

We’ve all heard of it, perhaps your teachers have mentioned it a few times. But what is the point of the circle of fifths? The circle of fifths actually has many benefits. Usually the circle of fifths is drawn as a circle – no prizes for guessing why! However, it is actually just a pattern … Read more