How to Teach Rhythm To Beginner Music Students

Having good rhythm is vital for all musicians but unfortunately it is not often taught as well as it could be. It’s tough for teachers to know where to start with how to teach rhythm. Rhythm is vital if you want to play any piece of music and it gets progressively harder as the pieces … Read more

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Top Music Theory Games For The Classroom

I am starting this new school year with a determination to make music theory fun for everyone and one thing I have found that really works and engages my students is using games! And the great thing is, is that there are so many games out there to try. A few that I am loving … Read more

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Top 7 Music Theory Tips for Back To School!

The start of a new school year always brings with it a little bit of excitement. Excitement to get back to routine, see pupils and to make new goals for the year ahead! I love to make plans and spend some time coming up with new and creative ways to teach familiar concepts.  In this … Read more

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Time Signature 4/4 Explained

The most popular meter (or time signature) in modern music is 4/4. Each measure (or bar) of 4/4 has 4 quarter note beats in it. This time signature is so widely used the we sometimes call it common time. We’re going to dive straight into 4/4 time, but you can find more info on what … Read more

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Time Signatures and Meters Explained: A Complete Guide

Time signatures set out the rhythmic pattern that a piece of music is played within. Whether it’s a waltz in 3/4, a sonata in 4/4, or Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ in 7/4, everyone can hear these differences. However, it’s one thing to tap along to your favourite tune, and another to understand how time signatures actually … Read more