high notes fingering chart with blue background

Flute High Notes Fingering Chart: PDF Download Included 🎶🎶

With over 14 years of experience as a flute teacher, I have successfully coached numerous students on mastering high notes. In this article, you’ll see the flute high notes fingering charts below and my top 3 tips for mastering high notes. My top 3 tips for practicing high notes: Flute high Notes Fingering Chart What’s … Read more

Flute Trill Chart: Fingering Diagrams for All Trills 🎶🎶

As a flute teacher with over 14 years of experience, I’ve guided countless students through mastering the art of trilling on the flute. In this article you’ll see flute trill chart fingering for all trills. Here are my 3 top tips for practicing trills: Flute Trill Chart What’s next…?

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Flute Fingering Chart For Beginners: PDF Download 🎶🎶

Flute charts are a great way to learn the different fingerings. As a flute teacher, I have often found that beginners have a hard time remembering all the fingerings. Use this flute fingering chart for beginners as a reference! How to Read the Flute Fingering Chart for Beginners Reading a flute fingering chart is straightforward … Read more

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Flute Fingering Charts: Notes, Scales and Arpeggios 🎶🎶

As a musician and flute teacher with over 14 years’ experience, I have helped countless pupils to play the different notes on the flute. Flute fingering charts can be a great way to have all the fingerings in one place! Below is the main chart with three octaves of notes. There is an alternate fingering … Read more

chord labelling system

Chord Labelling: A Complete Guide

Whether you’re a compose or not, understanding chords is an essential part of being a musician. Our guide to chord labelling gives you a look at the three main types of labelling- Roman numerals, Letters and Figured Bass. Roman Numeral Chord Labelling Our first chord labelling system is using Roman numerals. Roman numerals are simply … Read more