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Flute Natural Minor Scales: Fingering Chart

Learning scales helps you to become a more complete musician. As a flute player and teacher with over 14 years’ experience, I’ve taught my fair share of scales. Here are fingering charts for all flute natural minor scales and my top tips for success! Flute Natural Minor Scales A Natural Minor Notes: A, B, C, … Read more

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Flute Harmonic Minor Scales: Fingering Charts

As a musician and teacher with over 14 years experience, I’ve taught a hundreds of pupils to play minor scale. This article provides detailed fingering charts for all flute harmonic minor scales and my top tips to guide players through practice Flute Harmonic Minor Scales A Harmonic Minor Notes: A, B, C, D, E, F, … Read more

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Flute Major Scales: Fingering Charts

As with all instrument, scales are an essential part of developing into a complete musician. Here are notation and fingering charts for all flute major scales. Underneath each one is an audio clip so you can see how it sounds. C Major Scale No sharps of flats in this major flute scale. Here are the … Read more

How I found the #100daysofpractice challenge

On Tuesday 25th August 2020 I completed the #100daysofpractice challenge and wow what a complete rollercoaster that was.  What is the #100daysofpractice challenge? This challenge is all about an artist, usually a musician, posting a video of them practising for 100 days straight without stopping. The video is posted on either Instagram or Facebook. I chose … Read more

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What is the importance of slow practice?

I don’t know about you but this covid-19 crisis has got me working at a million miles an hour. With a full teaching schedule, baby twins and my own practice to do, there really seems to be no respite from the craziness! Work life is very much blending into home life and it seems impossible … Read more