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10 ways to keep your scales practice fun!

Following on from last week’s post about why we should practise our scales, I thought it might be nice to look at how we can keep this fun! If you haven’t had a chance to read last week’s, take a look now. Playing your instrument should always be enjoyable even if we are practising something that … Read more

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Why are scales important in my music practice?

Scales… the mere mention of this word can be enough to make some students tremble in their boots! So why should I practice my scales?  There are in fact many good reasons for learning your scales. Scales are the fundamental building blocks of any musician’s technique and allow a student to develop whilst removing all other … Read more

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10 ways to create an effective practice schedule!

Practising is hard and once the initial excitement of learning something new has worn off, how do we keep ourselves motivated? The only way to do this is to create an effective practice schedule. So how can I create an effective practice schedule? keep it fun Make sure that your practice doesn’t become a chore! … Read more