Will my braces affect my flute playing?

I’m not talking about the trouser kind… trouser braces will not affect your flute playing so go for it! Haha! We are talking specifically about the kind that fill your mouth with metal… Will braces affect your flute playing? This is a question I am asked regularly, will braces affect my flute playing? Most commonly … Read more

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The 5 most common flute fingering mistakes

When you take up the flute, or any instrument for that matter, it is really important not to allow yourself to slip into bad habits. There are many common flute fingering mistakes but here are the five most common ones! During my career I have had many students come to me with bad habits that … Read more

How to teach breath control – tips and tricks!

Breathing is the most important technique to get right when you play the flute, or any wind instrument! So let’s explore how to teach breath control effectively! I mean, if you cannot breathe or control the air, you cannot make a sound and playing your instrument will be infinitely harder! But what exactly do we … Read more

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How to Get the Perfect Flute Embouchure

How to get the perfect flute embouchure? This is a question I am constantly asked so how do we do it?! What does the word Embouchure mean? The word embouchure refers to how a wind instrument player uses their lips, face muscles, tongue and teeth to play.  The word actually comes from a French origin. … Read more