5 ways to Effective practice during the festive season

Practicing during the holidays can always be a challenge at any time of year, but particularly during the Christmas season. All that lovely yummy Christmas food around, the mulled wine flowing and all the Christmas movies on the TV! So how exactly can you keep your practice momentum during the festive season with all of … Read more

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How to stay motivated – 5 steps to getting motivated!

How do we stay motivated? We all know it, we start the school year with a high level of motivation to get things accomplished but then gradually as the daily grind begins again, our motivation begins to wear thin…  With Covid-19 causing havoc in our schools and normality far from returning, the start of this … Read more

5 ways to incorporate music theory into your lessons

Knowing how to incorporate music theory into your lessons is absolutely vital but it can be tricky! Here are a few of my ideas to make it fun! Ask music theory questions! You can never underestimate how useful questions can be. What type of note do we have here? What does this time signature mean? … Read more

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How to use music to help your mental health

We are currently in the middle of an extremely bizarre situation and many of us are stuck at home. I for one have not left my apartment for five weeks, crazy! We are all craving the outdoors, our usual routine and just some normality! Sadly, we still do not know when this might end, but … Read more