Know your Notes and Rests Worksheets

It is very important to know your notes and rests! Without knowing these you cannot read music without them! These worksheets test your knowledge of both. To complete the table, name each note or rest and write down how many beats it is worth. There are four levels of difficulty.

Level 1

  • Crotchets (quarter notes), minims (half notes) and semibreves (whole notes).

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Level 2

  • Quavers (eighth notes) and dotted crotchets (dotted quarter notes). Dotted rests will also be included in this level so make sure to keep your eye out!

Level 3

  • Semiquavers (sixteenth notes) and demisemiquavers (thirty-second notes).

Level 4

  • The final level will test us on our double dotted notes and rests.

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Let us know how you get on with learning your notes and rests and make sure you check out our other worksheets here! Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for an easy to digest explanation of your notes and rests!