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Best Beginner Flute Books

There are many different beginner flute books out there and each of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Finding the perfect beginner flute book is vital if you are to ensure music making is fun. All students that you teach will have a different set of requirements and so deciding which beginner’s book to use … Read more


How Long Should Your Students Practice Their Instrument?

In order to be a successful teacher you need students who can demonstrate a balance of enjoyment and progress. One great way of telling if your students are enjoying their music lessons is by how much practice they do! However, we can’t simply just rely on our students to know how many practice sessions to … Read more

What should you do if a student is not enjoying playing a piece? 

As a music teacher we will encounter many different students all with different tastes and musical preferences. However, it can be very easy to get stuck in a rut with the pieces we choose.  Often, many teachers start out by using method books that they were taught with and can often even end up choosing … Read more

Should You Prioritise Breaks In Your Teaching Timetable?

This is such an important topic when it comes to putting together your teaching timetable for the week.  At the start of the teaching journey you are often laser focused on gaining a full timetable! The idea that you may have so many enquiries that you have to worry about taking a break may seem … Read more

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How To Communicate With Parents As A Music Teacher

As a music teacher it is absolutely vital that you position yourself as the professional with parents from the outset. If you do not set this relationship up properly from the beginning you are potentially setting yourself up for a much more stressful time. Obviously, this is not the case for all parents but you … Read more