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Romantic Music Period: A Brief History of Romantic Music

The Romantic period closely follows the classical period of music. The romantic era was known for its intense passion and its move away from the rigid structures of classical music. Music in the romantic period sought to move closer to other art forms such as art poetry, literature and nature. Romantic music was closely related … Read more

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The Classical music Period: A Brief History

About the classical era of music The classical music period was an era in music history which roughly spanned from 1730 to 1820. This period of music came after baroque music and was just before the Romantic period. A brief history of the classical period This era of time is titled ‘classical’ as the art … Read more

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The Baroque Music Period: A Beginner’s Guide

The baroque period is an era of music history. It is one of the earliest periods of music, just after the renaissance period. The term baroque was not only used to describe music but also used to describe baroque sculpture, baroque art and the elaborate architecture of the time. The word baroque is derived from … Read more